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Steven Dusek Owner/Drafter/Designer (360)358-2981 Call/Text --

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We at Dusek Drafting and Design have over 30 years of expertise and experience behind us. 

About us

We look forward to putting your projects into practice with you. We are delighted to introduce ourselves to you.

Shop Drawings


Shop Drawing serve a dual roll. First, they let your client know what you are planning and that you know what they are wanting. Second, they tell your shop what they are building and how it should be done. With over 20 years as a Cabinet Engineer I know how to produce accurate and readable drawings for both your clients and your shop.

Cabinet Design

Most of the time your clients only know they want a row of cabinets on that wall. They may know that they want drawers, doors maybe pullout shelves. I can take that vague description and turn it into buildable shop drawing. I also have the experience to make recommendation, through the drawings, that will make the cabinets more efficient and cost effective to build.

Permit Plans

Ok so you have a client that wants to build a house or do an addition to their house. You know what they want but now need permit plans to get city or county approval. This is where I come in. I know how to do the drawings needed to get them through permit and I have an excellent Structural Engineer that I work with that will review and stamp the drawings so that the permit process goes smoothly.

Thank you for visiting Dusek Drafting and Design

At Dusek Drafting and Design, we increase your work flow by taking on your overflow.  We maintain your Standards and Quality, so your clients believe the drawings where done in-house. Think of us as you auxiliary engineering department. 

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